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Story of Suzani

The beautiful, one-of-a-kind Suzani fabric is hand-stitched silk by artisans in Uzbekistan, with vibrantly colored motifs of tulips, paisleys, pomegranates, grapevines and other designs from ancient Greece and the Ottoman Empire. Because the suzani fabric is hand-stitched, every pair in the regular line no two are alike. They all have their own distinctive pattern. A tree of life, a fanciful garden, and the designs are liberally sprinkled with stylized pomegranates, tulips (native to Turkey), and carnations, suggesting a little bit of paradise in the desert. In all Suzani’s, you will always find an intentional imperfection or two, implying "Only God is perfect!" Women are at their peak when they feel and look sexy. With that sexiness comes confidence, especially when it emanates from such a beautiful, handcrafted piece of art that is one-of-a-kind. And everything you wear with them becomes a whole lot more fun!


About the Designer
Suzani Styles carries Zeyzani products designed by Zeynep Yurderi. “I was born in the most beautiful city of Turkey, Izmir. I came to the USA in 1997, right after graduating a private high school, ITK, where I studied English. I first studied International Business and shortly after, went back to study Marketing and Management at University of Washington in Seattle, WA”. In 2007, Zeynep married her husband, Tom, and moved to Moorestown, NJ. “Growing up in Turkey, I was always mesmerized by the level of detail in the designs of the ancient Ottoman Empire and the Central Asian arts. In the summer of 2009, I felt it was time to hang up my business suits as a director for a pharmaceutical marketing company to pursue my passion for designing fashions that embody the ancient designs of Central Asia and utilizing my business skills to open my own boutique, Z's Treasures. Now being able to share the designs that I have admired for so long by incorporating them into modern day fashions through my Zeyzani line of boots, shoes, and bags is a dream come true."


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